Buying New Car Speakers? Here Is What You Should Look For!

Car Speakers

Anyone who loves music would enjoy listening to music while driving around. A slow romantic music and a long drive under the star lit sky would be the perfect romantic date. Also, a fast, loud music and a drive along with a gang of friends would be the most memorable fun time spent. Even when you are down or feeling a bit depressed, a soothing music can do wonders to lift up your spirits. The music beats can only be heard with quality car speakers. Hence anyone who owns a car would look for buying car speakers. But buying car speakers is not an easy task though. There are a wide variety of car speakers available in the market, and this makes one confused about which one to choose from all these. In such cases, try looking for the best 3.5 speakers with full clarity of sounds. The popular website, also recommends 3.5 speakers over others as one of the best options available in the market.

Here are the points you need to keep in mind while picking a 3.5 speaker:

The Measure Of Yield- Sensitivity!
While buying speakers, always check the sensitivity of the speakers. Sensitivity is the measure of yield the speaker derives from the power that is applied to it. In case the car stereo you have is of low power, like about 15 watts RMS or lesser than that, then opt for car speakers with higher sensitivity. Sensitivity above 90dB would be the best option. Almost all the factory installed stereos are of low powers.

But, if you have car stereos with high power already installed on your car, about 16 watts or more; then opt for speakers with lower sensitivity. The stereos that are accompanied with external amplifiers will have higher power capacity.

Measure Of Power- Power Handling
Power handling is another important aspect that needs to be checked while buying speakers. It is a measure of the amount of power a speaker can handle. In case your system is of low power, then you would not need a speaker with large power handling capacity. But if your system has a powerful external amp, then opt for a high power handling speaker with power handling capacity almost near to the output of external amps. Make a note of the point that the main measure of power handling is the higher RMS power handling capacity. It should not be confused with peak power handling.

Full-Range And Component Speakers
Speakers are mainly of two types. They are full-range speakers and component speakers. Full-range speakers as the name itself denotes contain all the components together in one. If you want to replace your factory speakers but can’t bother about every small detail and need a fuss-free replacement, then full-range speakers are the ideal option for you.

Component speakers are high-end speakers with the best quality sound. All the components are designed to work the best and compete in the case of perfection. The music that comes from a component speaker will sound more realistic as if you are listening to live music on the car.