How to get the best Ryzen motherboard on a budget

Anyone interested in gaming or any form of high end entertainment is well aware of the fact that they will have to invest in a quality motherboard. Having a good motherboard will ensure that your Ryzen cpu gives the best performance possible. But there are many motherboards; which one should you choose? Fortunately, it is possible to get the best Ryzen motherboard without spending a fortune. A few major questions you have to ask when looking at motherboards within your price point include:
What are it’s key specs?
It is important to have the following in any motherboard you want to buy:
Ports and jacks – HDMI, DisplayPort, PS/2, USB 3.1M Type-A USB 3.0, Type-C USB 3.0, an optical drive and as many audio jacks as possible.Memory – Its better to have as much memory as possible but you can easily get motherboard that allow upgrades to 64GB. Expansion slots – various PCI express slots, SATA 6.0 Gb/s slots and M.2 sockets are important in order to future proof your motherboard.
How’s the performance?
You should get the best performing motherboard so that you can keep it for the longest time. An important feature to look for is multi-way optimization which will allow you to easily configure your computer for any entertainment needs. In that same respect, make sure you have Fan Xpert+ and an inbuilt cooler in order to prevent overheating especially on an over-clocked and heavily used motherboard.
How’s the audio?
There is nothing more annoying than trying to play a game with sub-par audio. It is better to get the motherboard with the best audio you can especially if you’ll be playing high end games. You should get a motherboard that comes with various filter settings and the ability to create customized sound profiles. You should also make sure that you have codecs that provide at least a 113db signal to noise ratio and a 110db SNR line-in.
Does it look good?
This is as important a feature as the technical parts since a good looking motherboard also says a lot about its general quality. You’ll find that a well designed motherboard also comes packed with extra features like a safeslot to protect the GPU and various power surge protectors.
The appearance also increases your overall enjoyment of any media you are consuming. You should look for one that allows you to change around the LED effects on the graphics card and any other peripheral devices you have installed.
How are its amazon reviews?
You should look at what current and past owners are saying about your best Ryzen motherboard, a good source being tech radar The best thing about an owner’s review is that they have nothing to lose by telling the whole truth about the motherboard in question.
What extra features does it have?
Some other features that can make your motherboard stand out are the ability to add custom made 3D printed fan grills and the like. You should also opt for one that allows you to configure dual GPUS.
In a nutshell, it is very possible to get a quality motherboard without having to spend thousands of dollars.