Prank Candles To Liven Up A Party

prank candle

For someone who likes to play a dirty prank on a daily basis, on close friends, fake gas or stink bombs come in handy. For mature pranksters who want to try out challenging pranks, prank candles are the way to go. Like many things in life, the prank candles start off very nicely and literally turn to a complete mess. Prank Candles are often a popular choice to play a birthday prank on the birthday boy or girl. For more Info and tips feel free to refer the article on The scent that transforms from baby powder to baby diaper, coffee to stinky breath and sweet apple scent to fart are different tricks that cause the folks who are into sniffing things to stop very quickly from putting their nose where it doesn’t belong. The fun is infinite.

The Birth Of Prank Candles
The prank candle idea cropped up on an April fool’s day in 2015. A few large new sites found the fart business funny which was brewed in the warehouse. Once the prank candle went viral, the website almost crashed from epic pranksters. Pranksters from all over the world are interested in stinky stank candles and buy them to give their friends and coworkers, or ship them directly as a mail order prank.

Prank Candles Start Off Delightful And Get Spiteful
Your victim settles into the pleasant scent of the baby powder since they are unaware of the smell that awaits them. The prank actually takes some time but is definitely worth it. When your friend confronts you with a sour expression, you will know you have a hit practical joke. The prank candle is like setting a bomb with a three-hour fuse. Once they start enjoying the smell, it will transform into something so foul that it can clear out any room in minutes.

Duration Of The Stinky Part
The baby power part will burn for about three hours and honestly the duration of the stinky part is not known. It is doubtful if anyone will want to burn the entire candle and put them through that much torture. Better plan your own attack of equally epic proportions with prank candles. If a good smelling candle burns alongside the prank candle the mixing of waxes actually makes the metamorphosis less noticeable.

Gag Gifts And Novelty Items
There are plenty more novelty items and gag gifts that will make you cry and laugh. Who doesn’t love a prank? Prank products collections include great office pranks, gags for men, funny white elephant gifts, funny gifts for women and cool prank items for April fool’s day. Try out any of these pranks on April fool’s day and partake in some much-needed fun to liven up the day.

There are plenty of websites online that offer you different ideas to pull off pranks successfully. Prank candles have been a favorite amongst pranksters for a long time. Keep in mind that these candles are made only for pranking to make a special day more memorable. These candles are not harmful to your health and safe for the environment.