Sending Fax From Gmail

Who does not use Google search engine or who these days has no Google account? Just about everyone all over the world has a Gmail account. Many small and medium sized businesses also rely on Gmail to host their email services. Google did not restrict itself to email; it has a lot of online applications including Gmail fax. With Gmail already being popular, Gmail fax is also popular among businesses as per as it is easy to use, though Google does not support it directly but can be used with third party online faxing tools. The process of Gmail faxing is free and is as simple to use as sending an email.

Online fax provider: Since there is no built-in application for Gmail faxing, you will need to select an online fax provider. Beware of free online fax providers as they will have a hidden subscription model after their free trial period. There are a few fax service providers who have an excellent reputation for a fax service. Based on the demands of your business, do due diligence on all the features provided by the service provider to get full access to the services they provide.
If you send or receive faxes occasionally, then looking for a free online service that provides a limited number of faxes free is the way to go. There are a few drawbacks like security issues or lack of digital signatures with such online free services. Some services may not allow you to send the fax through email but in their web portal.

Step by Step instructions on Sending Fax

Sending a fax is similar to sending an email.

Login to your Gmail account and compose a new email. In the To field you would enter the email address of the recipient, now instead of that enter the fax number. The fax service provider that you have chosen will give a domain name, enter that number followed by

Attach the fax as a document to the email in the text field. Enter any text that you would want and this will be sent as the cover letter along with the attached document. The relevant text in the body will become the cover letter for the document.

Proofread the cover letter, the document to be faxed, and the ‘To’ field. Once you are content with the content, hit the send button. Your fax will be sent to the number you have entered.

While there is no direct interface with Gmail for direct faxing service, the process of sending a fax is straightforward. Some services work directly with Google drive. Anyone who is familiar with sending an email will quickly be able to understand how to send a fax. The only problem is to select the correct fax service provider that works for your business. If you are not looking to send many faxes on a daily basis, online fax services should be the best solution for you. If you already have a VOIP provider who offers online faxing service, then all you need to do is start sending faxes from your email.